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Why Professionally Clean Area Rugs? (Part 2)

April 10th, 2017 | by Angelo |    0   

More Reasons to Use a Professional Rug Cleaner

1) Drying Power

The best way to clean your carpet is with a professional service because professional drying is critical. We touched on this in our last post '3 Big Reasons You Should Use a Professional Rug Cleaner'. Professional area rug cleaners use pro grade equipment that far exceed the consumer carpet cleaners that you might find at retail outlets in Vancouver BC.

The main concern here is mold and mildew. While many rug cleaning machines will provide suction to remove cleaning solution, they typically leave carpets moist and damp. It's difficult to properly dry a large rug or carpet after cleaning, especially in damp climates like Vancouver's. With professional cleaning services, you never have to worry about removing excess moisture from your rugs and carpets.

2) Protecting Your Investment

Consumer available cleaning agents can range from ineffective to harmful and dangerous. Professional services such as Angelo’s Fabriclean in Vancouver BC use very powerful -- yet non-toxic and family friendly -- cleaning solutions. Professional rug cleaning staff are trained to identify fabric types and ensure your family heir-loom rugs are properly treated to last and maintain their great looks. Using the wrong type of cleaning agents can damage the rugs fibers, or change the fabric's colours, or leave potentially harmful residues behind.

3) Licensed and Insured

This last point is especially true for carpet cleaning services, but it is important for residential properties as well. If you trust your property to an unprofessional carpet cleaning service, or opt to do it yourself, you're increasing the chances that your property may be ruined. What makes things worse is the lack of coverage following the accident. Possible concerns include chemical or physical damage to the carpets, water damage to your property, and other the risks of staff accidents and liabilities. Going with a professional cleaning company that's licensed and has been around a while can give you the added protection of company insurance and quality guarantees that will hold up if the worst case occurs.

While we might give the benefit of the doubt that no-one intends to have an accident, it's always wise to take added steps to ensure you are minimizing risks and are well covered in the event that the unexpected happens.

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