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Carpet Stain Protection: 6 Things You Need to Know Before Making a Decision

August 05th, 2022 | by Angelo |    0   

We know well that a good rug or carpet is an investment in the comfort of your home, right? And this is not only valid for the purchase or installation value - which can be quite expensive, even - but also for what you will spend on maintenance. After all, no one wants to buy a rug or carpet to see it stained in no time, right?

With that in mind, today we are going to talk about carpet stain protection - a process that can help you in this task of keeping your carpet intact and beautiful for longer. Read on to better understand how this works.

What is Carpet Stain Protection?

It is a process that will seal the fibers of the rug or carpet. This makes the task of vacuuming much easier. In addition, it also helps to prevent spots from becoming permanent stains

This process should be done by professionals. That's because they will know how to apply the product correctly, so that this protection against stains actually works. In addition, they also use the right products, which will not damage the carpet fibers or harm your family's health

If you are in the Vancouver area, contact us at Angelo's FabriClean - our professionals are trained to carry out this type of process.

What You Should Know About Carpet Stain Protection

If you are interested in the carpet stain protection process and would like to know more, we have listed below the main questions on the subject, keep reading.

1. Is the Carpet 100% Stain Resistant?

No! But it is more resistant than an untreated carpet. This means that if something gets on it - especially if it's something known to cause stains that are difficult to remove, like wine, mustard, pet pee - it's much less likely to become a deep stain. This is especially useful in homes with children and pets.

2. Can it Spoil the Carpet?

This type of process can be done on most types of carpets and rugs, but not on all of them. If you have a more delicate piece and are unsure whether stain protection would be ideal, speak with a professional first - this way you avoid damaging your piece.

3. Is the Product Used Safe?

As mentioned above, yes. As long as, of course, you hire professionals to do this work. This prevents your family's health from being put at risk.

4. Do I Still Need to Vacuum the Carpet?

Yes, everyday care for your carpet or rug should remain the same. But with carpet stain protection, that job is easier - the treatment makes the dust less adherent to the fibers. That is, less dust and particles will accumulate in it, which also contributes to the quality of the air in your home.

5. How Long Does the Protection Last?

In general, the recommendation is that you hire professionals to deep clean your carpet and then apply carpet stain protection. Thus, protection should last about two years.

6. Will Professional Cleaning Remove the Protection?

When done by a qualified professional, no. In general, what removes protection before your regular period is the use of very abrasive products for everyday cleaning. If your carpet is already protected, prefer to use milder products - a damp cloth or neutral detergent should be enough to clean spots

Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver

If you are in the Vancouver area and are looking for professionals to sanitize and stain protection your carpets and rugs, please contact us. Our professionals have years of experience and will be able to carry out the processes in the best possible way.

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