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How to Clean Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets

November 25th, 2015 | by Angelo |    0   

What are Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets?

Most Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets are made from wool – which can vary in terms of quality and grade.

Persian Rugs belong within a classification of area rugs generally known as Oriental Carpets. True Persian Rugs are those made in areas that once belonged to the Persian Empire.

The trick to spot cleaning Persian Rugs (and rugs in general) is being prepared in advance - get it before the stain sets!

Stain-Repellent Wool Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets

Fortunately, if you own an old expensive or antique Persian Rug, you might not need any special cleaning solutions or chemicals.

The finest, older Persian carpets are typically made with lanolin-rich wool containing natural stain-repellent properties. So if you catch it right away, you may be able to simply blot a spill before any staining occurs.

Cleaning Fine Wool Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets

If you find a stain that’s set, or your antique Persian Rug is just looking old and dirty, you still have options. Even antique carpets over 100 years old can be cleaned and kept in good condition to be passed down into the next generation.

The steps to clean fine wool rugs are:

  1. Inspection: Every rug that arrives at our shop is carefully inspected to prepare the proper cleaning technique. Each rug is unique. A rugs’ age, condition, and type of fibre affect how it needs to be cleaned & treated.
  2. Cleaning: First we toughly remove all of the dry and loose soil. We then precondition the rug with properly balanced emulsifiers that loosen dirt and oil. Any spots on your rug are carefully removed with spot remover. Depending on our inspection results and pre-testing, it’s usually possible to remove most common stains, including pet stains, wine, tea, coffee and juice. We then apply a special bath to dissolve and remove any deep, ground in soils embedded throughout the area rug.
  3. Neutralizer: After cleaning, we use vacuum extractors to remove most of the moisture from the carpet. And at this time a neutralizer is applied to restore the original PH of your delicate rug to make it like new.
  4. Drying: After cleaning, the area rug is hung to dry naturally.

Persian Rug & Oriental Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver BC

With expensive carpets or difficult stains, let the professional cleaners at Angelo’s FabriClean in Vancouver handle it. Angelo’s offers fast and convenient area rug cleaning treatments with locations across the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Our expert staff come with decades of experience and professional tools for cleaning delicate Persian rugs and oriental carpets.

You can also come to us for rug repairs, general area rug cleaning, spot and stain removal, DuPoint Stain Guard, pet odor treatment, disinfecting treatment, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and sanitizing and deodorizing.

Renew your antique rug, contact us to utilize our services today!

Call Angelo’s FabriClean in Vancouver BC at (604) 421-1855.

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