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Shag Area Rug: How to Clean it and Keep it Looking Like New

June 08th, 2022 | by Angelo |    0   

There is no denying that shag rugs are practically unbeatable when it comes to making a room more cozy and charming. However, they accumulate dust and get dirty easily. Therefore, knowing how to take care of them and how to keep them clean is very important to have this kind of piece at home.

Despite being very dear items, many people give up choosing these rugs for the living room just imagining the work it must be to clean them. Therefore, in this text, you can check out a step-by-step guide on how to alternate daily cleaning with professional cleaning - and keep your rug always clean and beautiful.

Shag Rugs – Area Rug Cleaning in Vancouver

Before moving on to the main subject, it is necessary to define what a shag rug is. This is important because they can be made from many different materials and this interferes with how the piece should be maintained. In general, shag rugs are rugs formed by longer fibers - in some types, these fibers are wavy, creating the effect called "noodle".

Some of the more common types of shag rugs are as follows:

  • Flokati: they are 100% wool rugs, including the back. They are usually white or cream, but they can also be dyed in other colors. They are known for being some of the fluffiest rugs out there.
  • Wool: Most shag rugs are made of wool, a material known for making the home cozy and warm. They come in a multitude of colors (and may even have more than one color per piece).
  • Acrylic: they are similar to wool rugs, but they are usually cheaper, since they are made of synthetic fiber - they are also usually less resistant.

Daily Cleaning of Shag Rugs

Yes, like any rug, shag rugs are pieces that demand daily cleaning, which helps keep them looking nice, clean and fluffy between professional washes. Check out some tips on how to do this:

  1. Vacuum the carpet regularly, once a week is enough. If you or someone in your family has asthma or another respiratory illness, the frequency may increase. As this type of rug can be more delicate, vacuum carefully, preferably pinning the ends to the floor (using a piece of furniture, for example) to avoid pulling the fibers too much.
  2. Eventually, take the rug outside and hang it somewhere, such as a fence. Beat the rug using the side of a broom - this helps to loosen dust and other dirt that can build up between the fibers.
  3. Clean up quickly! If you've spilled something on the rug, it's important to clean it up right away - the more you wait, the more chance the fibers will get stained. Especially in cases of light rugs, prefer to first use a dry white cloth (this way you prevent the fabric pigment from leaking onto the rug) to absorb the liquid. Then, if necessary, wash the area using water and neutral detergent.

Professional Vancouver Shag Rug Cleaning

As much as you take care of your carpet on a daily basis, a good annual professional cleaning is essential. Especially when it comes to shag rug, a more delicate piece that requires specific care. First of all, because there are particles that don't come out in everyday cleaning. And secondly, because professionals understand how to care for each type of rug and which products are suitable to keep it clean and beautiful for longer.

If you need professional area rug cleaning - either for your shag rug or any other type of rug - in the Vancouver area, please contact us. Our professionals are trained to take care of delicate pieces and can help you with this task. Click here to get in touch.

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