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How to Find a Good Area Rug & Carpet Cleaner in Vancouver BC

April 11th, 2016 | by Angelo |    0   

Finding a Good Area Rug & Carpet Cleaner

In the rug and carpet cleaning industry, it's not always clear who you can trust to do a good job. In this post we want to do more than simply recommend ourselves as great area rug cleaners. If you don’t already know about us and our reputation, we don’t expect you to take our word for it that we are so great! So who can you trust to learn about who’s good and who to avoid?

A+ BBB Ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a nonprofit organization that has over a 100 year history focused on advancing marketplace trust.

If an area rug cleaner has an A+ BBB rating, it means they act in accordance with “The BBB Standards for Trust” which is “a comprehensive set of best practices for how businesses should treat the public in a fair and honest manner.” It also means the company has been in business long enough to establish an honest reputation in the marketplace. Companies don’t start with a good rating; they have to earn it by maintaining BBB standards over the long term.

Delicate process

Cleaning area rugs, especially expensive antique oriental carpets, is a delicate process. Each rug is unique and not every cleaner knows how to properly clean all types of rugs.

As part of our process before cleaning begins, every rug that arrives at our shop is carefully inspected to prepare the proper cleaning technique. A rugs’ age, condition, and type of fibre affect how it needs to be cleaned & treated.

Depending on the rug and it’s condition, the cleaning process may require a great deal of training, experience, and specialized equipment to perform a proper job. Unfortunately, one cannot always trust every company to be forthcoming about their level of experience and understanding.

However, if a company has an A+ BBB rating, it means they’ve built their rating upon a reliable foundation of trust in the market place.

So there's a great place to start!

Persian Rug & Oriental Carpet Cleaners in Vancouver BC

With expensive carpets or difficult stains, give the professional cleaners at Angelo’s FabriClean in Vancouver a call.

Angelo’s offers fast and convenient area rug cleaning treatments with locations across the Vancouver Lower Mainland. And our expert staff have decades of experience using the specialized equipment and processes required for cleaning delicate Persian rugs and oriental carpets.

You can also give us a call for rug repairs, general area rug cleaning, spot and stain removal, DuPoint Stain Guard, pet odor treatment, disinfecting treatment, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and sanitizing and deodorizing.

Renew your antique rug, contact us to utilize our services today!

Call Angelo’s FabriClean in Vancouver BC at (604) 421-1855.

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