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How to Dry an Area Rug in Vancouver Homes

January 05th, 2016 | by Angelo |    0   

How to Dry an Area Rug for Vancouver Homes

If you live in Vancouver and its winter, or a similarly wet and humid climate, you’re going to need to take extra measures to ensure proper and timely drying of your rug.

Prevent Molding on Damp Rugs

Even on a relatively warm and dry day, simply laying a wet rug out in the sun to dry could result in a sour or moldy smelling rug -- if it takes too long to dry. Mold can begin to grow on a rug or carpet within 24-48 hours.

Moreover, a rug that’s not fully dried in time can start to mold other places in your home due to increased moisture and humidity in your house. 

Ideally you’d want to suck all the moisture out immediately after cleaning your rug. Since you are doing this at home, you may not have access to high powered suction equipment that are used at a professional rug cleaning shop.

Where to Hang a Rug to Dry

A good place to dry an area rug indoors is in the bathroom, hanging over the shower curtain bar. Just move the shower curtain itself aside and hang the longer end towards the bathtub to direct the dripping water into the tub.

  • Ensure the weight is not too much for your shower rod, as even a smaller sized wet rug could take down some types of shower rods.

  • Use the bathroom exhaust fan to speed up the drying time and to help remove the evaporated moisture. Excess humidity from drying clothing indoors is a common cause of mold - a concern especially true in the Vancouver.

  • Ventalate & Dehumidify

    To be sure, in Vancouver you can still get mold in bathrooms despite using the exhaust fan. If it’s rainy and wet out, and you have poor ventilation in your home, you may want to add a dehumidifier to the drying room (which incidentally provides heat as well as take the moisture out of the air). 

    Using Professional Rug Cleaners in Vancouver BC

    If you have a large or expensive area rug that's stained or needs cleaning, let the professional cleaners at Angelo’s FabriClean in Vancouver handle it. Angelo’s offers fast and convenient area rug cleaning treatments with locations across the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

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    You can also come to us for rug repairs, spot and stain removal, DuPoint Stain Guard, sanitizing and deodorizing, and even commercial carpet cleaning.

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