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Top 5 Carpet Stain Pro Tips

May 3rd, 2017 | by Angelo |    0   

No matter how careful people are in the home, accidents are a part of life. Maybe the lid of a child’s sippy cup wasn’t on tight enough, a pet waited too long to go outside, or someone got over excited during the playoffs and bumped a table full of drinks. Mistakes happen. But a bigger mistake can be rushing the clean-up without taking the right steps. When it comes to carpets and upholstery, bit of preparation can help make cleaning stains that much easier—and ensure that you don’t inadverdantly accidentally make things worse!

Here are some tips for the most common household stains and how to treat them:

1) Kool-Aid Stains

Kool-Aid’s bright colors might look refreshing and tasty, but those synthetic colours can quickly become a permanent fixture in your home. Start by blottting the spill with a dry white towel--but never rub! It’s important not to saturate the fabric. Try mixing ¼ of a cup white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of dish soap in a spray bottle and fill it with water. Spray generously and let soak for several minutes before blotting with a dry towel.

2) Pet Stains

Most pet owners have to periodically clean up after their furry companions, but there’s no need to. Clean up the initial mess if any solids are involved, and blot the rest with a towel. The trick is to soak up the moisture without smearing or rubbing. Keep at it until it’s almost dry and the stain is removed. If the stain is already set, moisten it with a little water. Then apply a stain-cleaning product formulated for pet stains on carpets. A mix of ¼ cup vinegar with a quart of warm water can also be used to neutralize the odour and the spot. Spritz it on and allow it to soak in before using the blot technique until it’s dry.

3) Coffee Stains

Coffee stains can be very tricky, leaving behind a noticeable yellowish-brown mark if not treated properly. Start with the aforementioned blotting method to soak up the moisture. Combine a little vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and spritz the stain. Rinse, and repeat. If you are using store bought products, be aware that many of them use chemicals that can be harmful if used incorrectly. Always perform a patch test to ensure that no damage from the chemicals will occur before applying them to your carpets or upholstery.

4) Blood Stains

Ironically, blood stains aren’t as bad as they look, but they do need to be treated promptly. Remember to use cold water—never warm or hot. Blood coagulates with heat, and cold will help stop the blood from permeating into carpet and upholstery. Using the spritz method, fill a bottle with 2 teaspoons of dish detergent and cold water, then spray on the stain until it is soaked. Use the blot method to dry. Rinse with cold water and repeat as needed. If you’re using a store-bought cleaner, look for something bleach-free that will oxygenate the carpet stain.

5) Ink Stains

It might feel like a lost cause, but with modern technology and some trial and error, it can be done. But do it fast—time is of the essence! Dampen a clean white cloth with isopropyl alcohol and start dabbing the ink stain. Do not to rub or scrub, as this could cause the stain to spread! Let it stand for a few minutes, then use a wet-vac to remove the excess moisture. Treat the carpet stain with the alcohol again if necessary. Depending on the ink and carpet, some hairsprays can work, as can nail polish removers, or other things that contain high contents of alcohols. You can even try white wine or vinegar. But whatever you use, rinse with water afterwards, then blot or vacuum until the spot is dry.

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