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Upholstery Cleaning can be a Delicate Matter

October 15th, 2015 | by Angelo |    0   

Not everyone is a textiles expert and it can be a lot of information to process to understand the differences between how to maintain silks and linens. This is where a professional cleaner, like Angelo’s Upholstery Cleaners in Vancouver, can make a delicate matter stress free so you can go back and enjoy the finer things in life.

First Rule in Upholstery Cleaning

The first thing to know when it comes to upholstery cleaning is that there is no one way to clean upholstery. Every piece of furniture is different in both construction and material, and therefore, each cleaning project will require a different assessment based on the particular fabric construction, fiber content and dye stability of your item. It’s important for the individual in charge of handling your upholstery to know how to determine what material is being dealt with as well as the unique circumstance of that damage that has been done to it.

Staining and Wear

Upholstery is a fabric material that will undoubtedly undergo staining and wear over the course of its lifespan. Regular maintenance for dining chairs, cushions or curtains can make your home looking fresh after a scheduled professional cleaning.

Cleaning Antique Upholstery

Antique items are another item that will likely require cleaning services when you first bring your new piece home. Vintage upholstered furniture can retain its luxury decades to come with the touch of a professional cleaning.

Trust professionals that understand what it takes to do the job. At Angelo’s Upholstery Cleaners in Vancouver, our technicians will test the fabric before beginning to determine the proper way to clean your upholstery and apply their years of experience in the cleaning industry to ensure your product comes out only one way: better than before it came to us.

Angelo’s FabriClean offers special cleaning treatments includingspots and stain removal, DuPoint Stain Guard, pet odor treatment, disinfecting treatment, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and sanitizing and deordorizing.

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