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Vancouver Persian Area Rug Cleaning: 7 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Keep Your Rug Beautiful for Many Years

June 2nd, 2022 | by Angelo |    0   

Area rugs are made to be underfoot, so they can give the impression of being easy to care for. However, a number of common day-to-day practices can end up damaging the piece, shortening its useful life. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the material from which it is made and if the place where it will be positioned is suitable for its composition.

In addition, it is also essential to be aware of how the daily care is made, this is crucial to keeping your rug beautiful for many, many years. If you've just purchased a delicate piece, like a Persian rug, for example, these tips are even more important. Keep reading to understand better.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Rugs and Carpets

Some attitudes should be avoided in the home routine to prevent the rug from requiring more maintenance. Check out which seven attitudes that damage your pieces and should be avoided!

1. Soak the Rug

Rugs, especially the more delicate ones, are not meant to be overly wet. This can cause the base of the piece to become damp and never dry completely, which can lead to mold growth and even carpet rot. Another consequence of this can be the discoloration of the fibers. This is especially true for natural fiber rugs such as wool.

Instead of wetting the rug completely when an accident happens - like spilling a drink or food, for example - clean the area immediately using a damp cloth and mild detergent. After finishing, dry the area well with a dry cloth.

2. Rubbing the Rug

Rubbing rugs using a hard-bristled, very abrasive brush can backfire. Instead of cleaning a stain, you can push the dirt even deeper into the fibers, which makes it even more difficult to clean it afterwards. In addition, it can also damage the fibers, leaving gaps in the rug. Instead, use the same tip as above, with the damp cloth. The stain did not wash out? Then it's time to call professionals - stop rubbing before your rug is permanently damaged.

3. Using Wrong Products

Rugs can be made from a number of materials, natural or synthetic ones. Consequently, the market is full of products aimed at cleaning these materials. If you don't know what kind of material your rug is made of and you choose the wrong product, you could permanently damage it. If you are going to use such a product, read the label carefully and make sure what type of rug you have at home.

4. Not Doing a Spot Test

Complementing the tip above - let's say you've purchased a specific product for cleaning rugs and you're sure it's suitable for your piece. Even so, test it on a small area, preferably in a less visible place on the rug, to make sure it will work without changing the color of the piece or damaging the fibers.

5. Excessive Use of Deodorant Products

It is also possible to find on the market today a series of products aimed at deodorizing carpets - they are quite common among those who have pets. But excessive use of this type of product, especially sprays, can result in the accumulation of residue on the carpet, which can also damage it. Instead, increase the frequency of professional washing your piece.

6. Misuse of Cleaning Equipment

Many people try to save on carpet cleaning by renting professional equipment and trying to do the entire cleaning process themselves. It turns out that the misuse of this type of device can not only result in a bad cleaning but also in damage to the carpet. That is, trying to save you may have to spend even more buying a new piece. Instead, find a responsible company that will help you with this task.

7. Not Doing Professional Cleaning

Throughout this article, we have repeatedly highlighted the importance of periodic professional cleaning, so we couldn't finish this list without mentioning that. Carpets and rugs can and should be cared for and sanitized on a daily basis, but dispensing annual professional cleaning can indeed reduce the lifespan of your piece. Even if vacuumed frequently, dirt can accumulate at the base of your rug, which, on top of everything else, can harm your family's health.

Persian Area Rug Cleaning in Vancouver

If you need professional help cleaning your persian area rugs and carpets in the Vancouver area, contact us at Angelo’s FabriClean - our professionals are trained to carry out this type of process and will take care of your pieces in the best possible way. To get in touch with your questions or request a quote, click here.

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