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What to Look for in a Good Commercial Carpet Cleaner in Vancouver BC

Nov 9th, 2016 | by Angelo |    0   

Best Carpet Cleaner?

Finding the best commercial carpet cleaner in Vancouver BC, often comes down to your priorities as there is a natural tension between quality of service and lowest price.

The main criteria when looking for a commercial carpet cleaner in Vancouver BC is to find an excellent service at an affordable price, which is a fine balance. It’s easier said than done, as the cleaning company must be reliable, punctual, knowledgeable, professional, and provide a great cleaning job -- all while providing excellent value for your company.

Avoid the Cheapest Carpet Cleaners

Going for the cheapest carpet cleaner in town will inevitably risk sacrificing some critical aspect in terms of the quality of service – such as lacking knowledge or sending out inexperienced underpaid staff. Their staff may skip steps or use the wrong kinds of cleaning agents, for instance. So you may end up paying more just to get the job done right, or repairing the damage done from the previous company.

In the end, it’s almost always better to go with a professional carpet cleaning company that strikes the right balance between quality of service and cost.

Here at Angelo's Commercial Carpet Cleaners, we’ve worked with many different types of restaurants, hotels, and offices throughout the years, so we have a great system in place to offer very high quality of service while still providing a great value for your bottom line.

And, we also know what it takes to be a great commercial carpet cleaning company; so, if you are shopping around looking for the best commercial carpet cleaner in the Vancouver Area, here’s what you should ask to ensure you make an informed decision on who to go with.

What you need to ask your carpet cleaning company

·         Do you have references?

·         What training has your management and cleaning technicians received?

·         How many years of experience do you have?

·         What carpet cleaning process do you use?

·         Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet?

·         Do you use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning agents?

·         Do you guarantee your carpet cleaning work?

·         How do you ensure the health and safety of our work environment?

·         Do you provide free estimates?

At Angelo's Carpet Cleaning in Vancouver, one of our primary concerns is the safety of our customers. For this reason we only use non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning products. This helps ensure that while your carpet and upholstery stay clean, they don’t leave harmful residues or particulates that can potentially harm the health and safety of your valuable employees and customers.

We know there are many commercial cleaning companies in the Greater Vancouver market to choose from, so we hope this has helped you sort out the good from the bad and get a great cleaning team on your side!

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