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Cleaning Upholstery: Not a DIY Job

September 16th, 2013 | by Angelo |    0   

If you take good care of your furniture, it can last a lifetime. Many people invest in nicely upholstered furniture because they care about how their home looks, feels, and functions. Most likely, your upholstery was chosen to match the design of the room that the furniture is in. While you can always re-upholster your furniture, you’re better off taking care of it with caution and regular upkeep. That’s why you should always hire a professional to clean upholstery.

Proper Equipment and Supplies

The primary reason that most people choose to have professional upholstery cleaners take care of their upholstered furniture is a practical one. Most quality upholstery cannot be cleaned with soap, water, and a rag. You risk damaging the upholstery if you don’t use the right cleaning products and methods. It’s not uncommon for people to attempt to clean a stain on their own, only to find they’ve made the problem worse by causing discoloration with the wrong cleaning agents. You can also cause the stain to spread and cause a change in the texture of the upholstery if you rub on it with a rag or brush. This kind of damage is often permanent.

Professionals who clean upholstery on a regular basis can afford to invest in the right equipment and cleaning agents for all types of upholstery. They know how to treat different materials and can ensure that your furniture looks like new again after they’ve done the job. Don’t assume that it’ll be cheaper to do it yourself, because most likely you’ll have more damage to pay for if you don’t do it right.

The good news is that professional upholstery cleaners are not as expensive as you might think. It’s certainly worth the money to hire a professional, and it will always be a lot cheaper than going out and buying new furniture when your DIY cleaning project goes awry.

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