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Creepy Carpet Crawlers

September 6th, 2014 | by Angelo |    0   

5 Bugs That May Be Calling Your Dirty Carpet Home  

Dirty carpets can be home to all sorts of unwanted things. Here’s a look at the 5 most common, and some of the most unpleasant, organisms that can call your carpet home if it isn’t regularly cleaned. 


Silverfish are attracted to paper and damp fabric, feeding on sugars and starches, such as glues and cellulose found in the glue in carpets and wallpaper. They nest close to their food sources, laying eggs in the dark and leaving peppery feces near the feeding site. 

Carpet Beetle 

Adult carpet beetles feed on plant nectar and pollen, but their larvae feed on organic material, such as cotton and wool, as well as some synthetic materials that have organic matter on them, such as food and natural oils. They can do a lot of damage. 

Clothes Moth 

The webbing clothes moth, one of the most common moths in the US, feeds on fabric such as wool clothing, carpets, and rugs during their larval stage. Larvae can nest in carpeted areas beneath furniture and moths hide during the day, often thwarting early detection. 

Dust Mites 

The house dust mite feeds on organic matter such as flakes of human skin, which accumulates naturally in carpets. House dust mites have powerful digestive enzymes in their gut that comes out in their feces and induce serious allergic reactions in humans. House dust mites are a common cause of allergic symptoms and asthma in North America. 


Bedbugs nest in between fabrics and crevasses. They feed on blood and their tiny bites can disrupt sleep patterns and cause irritability. Some people have an allergic reaction to the bugs. Once an infestation takes hold, adults reproduce rapidly. When threatened they can survive without food, in hibernation for weeks, or even months before becoming active again. 

Knowing about infestations of pests in your carpet is the first step towards dealing with them properly.  Regularly having your carpets cleaned by a professional Vancouver carpet cleaning company can help avoid unwanted visitors.

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