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Repairing a Persian Area Rug

August 5th, 2014 | by Angelo |    0   

First, some hard truths. Anything that spends its life on the floor will experience damage and wear over time. Area rugs are especially susceptible to spills, pets, and traffic patterns. Socks and sneakers are the worst. Over time too, the feet of heavy furniture can cause stress points, distending a rug’s foundation. Rugs will suck up moisture from flower pots or when stored in musty basements. In this case, the fibers can mildew and, if cotton is present, rot. 

The good news is that the typical damage done to area rugs can often be stopped or even reversed. There are trained carpet cleaning professionals in Vancouver who clean and repair high quality Persian rugs. Foundations can be recreated, yarn colors can be matched, pile can be rewoven, and the existing pattern duplicated. This work, when done by a skilled professional, is not cheap, but can add new life, decades even, to your precious heirloom rug. 

The decision to repair a Persian area rug should be based on factoring in the cost of the repair, how obvious the repair will be, and the value of the rug. Of course, “priceless” rugs, such as family heirlooms merit different considerations as their value is often biographical and sentimental, not just monetary. 

It’s important to remember that high quality Persian rugs wear from the top down and as time passes, with use, the pile gets lower and lower until the weft and warp (the vertical and horizontal threads beneath) slowly show through. There is no true repair for this. But many other issues, such as frayed fringes, moth damage, cat scratches, and other common harm done to these precious rugs can be addressed. 

Talk to your local Vancouver Persian rug cleaner about repair options, the techniques they use, and consider this information when contemplating their price quote.

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