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Vancouver Area Rug Cleaners Provide A-Z Care

June 20th, 2018 | by Angelo |    0   

The Vancouver carpet cleaners at Angelo’s FabriClean offer complete care for area rugs. Always a designer’s favourite, these decorative standbys imbue a room with warmth, texture, and colour. Of course, over time wear and tear can reduce the appeal of your favourite floor covering. When the vibrancy begins to fade and the tassels start to look tousled, it’s time to call on the cleaning technicians at Angelo’s FabriClean.

There are four steps in properly cleaning an area rug. First, the rug is inspected—every rug is different and has to be assessed on an individual basis. The materials used, the style, the manufacturing process, even the condition it’s currently in all have an impact on what kind of cleaning will be required.

When cleaning an area rug, loose soil is removed and emulsifiers are conditioned in to further loosen dirt and oil. Any spots present are treated with spot remover. Fortunately, most of the common stains can be successfully treated, from pet stains to wine. After that, the rug is thoroughly cleaned and any ground-in soils removed.

After the rug is washed, vacuum extractors are used to remove most of the moisture in the carpet, followed by adding a neutralizer to restore its original pH and help make it like new. Finally, the rug is hung to dry naturally.

When properly maintained, a quality rug can last decades. But after years of daily use, it might require a little extra attention. Everyday use and vacuum cleaning can damage rug edges and fringes so gradually it might not be noticed it until it’s too late. It’s best to have it looked at as soon as any problem presents itself.

Restoration and refringing is as much art as it is science. Once a rug is professionally cleaned, the specialists at Angelo’s assess the extent of the damage and the nature of the repair, then provide a free estimate.

Angelo's Carpet Cleaning has over 25 years of experience with area rugs, and serve homes in Vancouver, Surrey, White Rock & the Lower Mainland.

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